Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who and Where?

I have been in a meeting talking with a lot of people who work throughout Europe. But as I talked with these men and women who have left their homeland to come overseas to tell others about Christ I am reminded of how many of these same peoples we are trying to reach in Europe also live in the United States.

Icelanders in Minnesota
Norwegians in Wisconsin
The Basque in Idaho
Russians in Tennessee
The Polish in Chicago
Italians in New York City
Bulgarians in Orlando
Germans in Texas

Obviously this is an non-exhaustive list for European who live in the states.

I could move beyond Europe to other parts of the world:
South America

You can find most of the people groups in the world some where in the USA.

Who lives in your community?

Who attends your church?

How can this shape your church's future mission partnerships?

How can these questions shape your missional initiatives in your community and in your world?

The Great Commission is not a “either / or” proposition. It is a “both / and” Command. It is both in your own community and throughout the world.

Acts 1:8

Let’s Go!

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Michael Carpenter said...

met a woman from Germany a couple of weeks ago in ru-urbia (rural + suburban) Lebanon TN