Monday, July 6, 2009

Art Gallery Advocacy

One challenge we have on the mission field is how do we personalize our ministry to our supporters back home?

I must admit that I do not like to stand at a booth in a mission fair. This may be disappointing to you I know. I know some people love that sort of thing and that is great. Many churches these days do not have mission fairs or expos or whatever the latest title may be but yet they are involved in mission partnerships. What are some ways we can personalize missions with churches that do not have mission expos?

I heard of this idea the other day while in Athens. This group used the idea to personalize their missions as well as promote prayer advocacy and partnerships with North American churches. By the way the name of that ministry is PORTA and they have an outstanding work with an immigrant population in that city. Let me know if you want to contact them.

I think this can also be a great idea for churches who have partnerships with a city or people group. Here is the idea. Send a photographer to that city and have them take a bunch of shots of people and places in the selected city. (I am partial to Europe but it can be anywhere, smile)

Enlist a group of people in your church and community who know photography to choose the best 40 - 50 pictures and have them printed. Make large prints of the photos and prepare them for display like an art gallery. I am sure Fed Ex Kinkos or other places can take care of this for a price.

Find a space in your community and invite people to come to look at the photos. Have a local coffee shop cater the event. Have people who have been to that city on mission trips invite their family and friends.

I think this would be a great way to share about your experiences, create advocacy for that people group and pray for the people in that city. It is a great way to personalize your mission partnership.
This idea can be adapted in about 500 different ways I would imagine.

Any takers?


Jill Willeke said...

Hey Larry,
I had a friend who did the opposite of this after a STAS and had an art show in the library of his town to meet locals -- he is an excellent photographer and the show was a hit -- people love the photos from the US and he got to meet new people. I think it is a great idea on both sides of the wate

Grady Bauer said...

Great idea've got me thinking of how I could pull this off on STAS next spring.....

Lydia said...

Hi Larry,

What an awesome way to introduce people to the culture group one is working with! Seeing the faces of these "strangers" as they go about in their daily lives interacting with the places and the people that are so foreign to us but so familiar to them, there's something about that which makes it all so much more tangible.

And speaking as a Taiwanese person, the Upstream Collective crew is going to have a wonderful time in Taiwan, discovering what God is doing in the hearts of the Taiwanese people!

Larry said...

Jill, great idea on meeting people in the community. Thanks for sharing that. I think this has many adaptations. I wish I knew how to take photos.