Wednesday, July 1, 2009

in Madrid - Partnership

This week I am helping out with an Upwards Basketball camp in Madrid. FBC Concord in Knoxville, Tennessee started these camps about four years ago. Since we used to live here we are having a blast seeing our friends from our old neighborhood. Our kids are helping in the camp this year along with Susan and I. I "try" to help the 13 - 16 year old boys group and my wife helps in the ESL part of the camp. I have forgotten just how hot Madrid is in the summer time. Whew!

Some cool things about the "hot" camp and the partnership with this church.

  • They now have over 100 kids and they do not publicize the camp. Friends invite friends.
  • The church that started the camp in 2005 is still coming back each year? Yea, FBC Concord.
  • Repeat trips makes a difference. Several of the camp staff have been here serving 5 times or more since our partnership began in 2002. The children at the camp know many of the camp staff by name.
  • The partnership has been to Madrid and not to a worker. Once we moved to Germany the church still comes here to work.
  • The church often brings entire families to come and work the camps. It is a great experience for the children that come with their families to serve.
More soon on partnerships. I got to go to Camp!

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