Thursday, July 30, 2009

Total Dependence

As a worker overseas I see us having several points of engagement with churches and believers throughout the world. I have talked about the Sending church lately. I want to move on to some other types of connecting.

Prayer Advocates – People who pray specifically for us and the work.

I think your prayer advocates can and should be from all over the world. I get email newsletters from several workers that have to print their prayer requests in three different languages. Pretty cool.

I think it is E.M. Bounds who says that “prayer is the work”.

We need people to pray for us personally and our work. I know that seems like an obvious statement but sometimes I need the reminder.

Looking back nearly 8 years ago I still vividly remember needing a reminder of this the third week on the field. Why it took three weeks I do not know but I still remember that I was on the bus going to language school in Madrid and I was overwhelmed by several thoughts. On one hand I could not believe we were finally here. Then it hit me that I did not know anyone here. I cannot speak the language. I could barely order a cup of coffee. The list could go on. But then it struck me that I had to have a total dependence on the Lord. I could not do this on my own.

I think it was then where I took seriously the need to have people pray for us on a regular basis. To pray for us personally, our language needs, our friends, ministry, etc..

I started seeing God open up doors for us in some unbelievable ways.

I am convinced it was not through my own abilities. It was from prayer.

For the Worker: How do you communicate your prayer needs to your friends, family, your church and others? Do you use social networking to create prayer advocacy? I am curious?

For the church: How are you praying for global missions? What does that look like for your church? Curious about that also.

As We Go,


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