Monday, April 27, 2009

Mondays are for ...

Mondays are for a Bunch of STUFF.

Everyone seems to have a once a week type deal on their blog so why not me?
Here are some things that I am working on and I would love your input.

New Blog Series
I will soon be finishing the series entitled "LED".

I am working on a new blog series about "partnerships" for churches in North America with Church Planters and/or missionaries internationally? As you may know I spend a lot of time working with churches of various denominations in North America and helping them to connect internationally. I have a compiled a list of trends that I am seeing with churches in North America regarding international missions. I think they are quite positive. I am going to be teaching on this tomorrow in Germany at a training event for some strategists. I will let you know how it goes. I need to make some tweaks on it and then I will post on it.

BUT, I am also wanting to know from churches what you consider to be good partnership principles ? What do you need from your partnerships? How can missionaries help you and your church? This can really help teams on the field know how to better relate with you, our partners. The Great Commission belongs to the church. How can I help you on that journey? If you have some thoughts on this please email me at or simply make a comment on this blog.

Upstream Vision Trips
We have opened up registration for two upcoming Vision trips. You can pre-register online.
Space is limited on these trips.

Asia - September 19th - 27th, 2009 with Ed Stetzer.

London and Paris - May 21- 30th, 2010 with Ed Stetzer and Daniel Montgomery who is the pastor of Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Grady Bauer said...

Looking forward to your series on partnerships. Keep the good stuff coming.