Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just what is missional?

I am sitting here at Exponential New Church conference. The buzz this year seems to be "missional". There are some good conversations going on around this.

One thing I believe is that we need to make sure "mission" is a part of missional. I think a lot of us are talking missional. We are working at how to engage our communities in an incarnational way but how often are we crossing the cultures within our communities and furthermore how are we ministering in other cultures in distant lands. A key part of being a follower of Jesus is being an active part of the Great Commission.

You can find some short video clips of this conversation from Ed Stetzer and Alan Hirsch from Upstream's dinner the other night here in Orlando. Check it out at our blog

More later.


shaw said...

"One thing I believe is that we need to make sure "mission" is a part of missional."

I couldn't agree more bro. I have noticed, unfortunately, a relative decline in new missional churches in great commission work... especially among the unreached and unaccessed peoples groups.

Larry said...

You make a great point. We are finishing up some research on church planting with The Upstream Collective trying to look at current missional trends. If you know of church planters send them to to complete the short survey. I think it can possibly help us in designing ways to connect new churches with opportunities as you suggested in your comment.