Sunday, March 29, 2009

life questions

This morning we took our "little girl" to Zurich to catch a plane for the states. She is spending her spring break this year visiting a couple of the schools that she has been accepted to and also trying to find a job for the summer. I cannot believe she is now 18.

As my wife and I watched her go through passport control it made me think of some questions:

  • Am I really old enough to have a 18 year girl?
  • Is she really going to graduate high school in June?
  • Did the stock market really have to go down so much this year? Not a good year for it.
  • Have I been a good steward of these 18 years that we have had with her?
Not to sound like a country song or even "cat's in the cradle" - it does not seem that long ago when we taught her to ride a bike and how to ride the metro in Madrid all by herself. Thankfully there is a Starbucks at the airport in Zurich. It is located next to the passport control and I was to ease my pain with a cafe au lait as she went to board the plane.

and to my girl.... Good luck this week. We will be praying for you.


Todd said...

Those questions will not stop. This Friday our youngest will marry. These things have been rolling in my mind for a while too.

While you are hoping she has a good week, I am hoping you will do the same.

tto said...

Your are leading the way, as our 18 year old graduates a year from June. Next time we are together, I will get all the answers on how to do it!

Larry said...

Todd, thanks for the encouragement on this and congrats on the upcoming wedding. She is having a great week and making some decisions on school. I think she may even be getting a car this week and that is a separate post. smile.