Wednesday, March 18, 2009

think and act globally from day one

In the 90s I was involved in church planting in the states. I had some awesome experiences and I think God used what we did in some terrific ways.

Since being overseas from 2001 I have often wondered what would be my "do -overs" or "mulligans". I like this term in golf for it means when you hit a bad shot (for me that is quite often) then you ask for a mulligan. Some people simply take the mulligan. This is where it is good to play with someone else who is a believer (in mulligans that is).

The big "do-over" for me in church planting would be this. I would engage
our new church in missions internationally from day one. In fact this has
been our theme so far this year as we have been involved in some conferences
for church planting.

Here is where I need your help if you are willing. We are working with Lifeway Research on a
survey (it only takes 5 minutes) where we ask a series of questions for
people involved in church planting. We want to learn from church planters
about their past, current and potential involvement in global missions. We think we
can get some good information that will help us help new churches in the
future regarding missions.

If this is you, would you take a few minutes to help us with this research?
You can find the survey at

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