Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Meaning of Life

One of the things we do on these trips is meet people who have a wide variety of ministries. I was really struck the other evening when we went downtown to an area where there are a lot of single mothers just trying to survive. Many are without hope.

Take a look at a story of someone who finds hope.

My desire is that God will use these posts to create in you a desire to help people who are often overlooked.

Maybe it is in your neighborhood.

Maybe it is in another part of the world.

More soon.


Angelo said...

Hi Larry,

My name is Angelo Porcu, and I would like to download a copy of the interview with Irene Nicholson (OMF) and the worker who the featured book was one story.
My role at our local church is that of Missions Secretary and we are supporters, both prayerful and financial, of the ministry that Phil & Irene Nicholson do in Taiwan since they started in 1992, and I would like to feature the interview in one of our church gatherings on a Sunday morning.
Thank you.

Larry said...


Please contact me via email and we can try to figure something out. Thanks.