Monday, May 11, 2009


One can see in the book of Acts how the Holy Spirit leads

Sometimes the Spirit says GO

• Phillip’s trek down the southern road that led him to the Ethiopian official.
Sometimes the Spirit says NO

• Paul as he is trying to go into Asia. Two times he was stopped by the Spirit but then redirected to Macedonia.

Sometimes the Spirit says STAY

• Paul as he has the vision and stays in Corinth teaching and growing the church there.

I am convinced as I study the book of Acts that it is so vitally important for me to be connected to God and able to move at the Spirit’s direction and leading. I think this is true for individuals but I also think it is true for the church. I think that as we take part in the Great Commission that it is not to be done outside the context of a spiritual community. As we search scriptures and listen to God in prayer I believe this will be confirmed in the counsel of our believers in our church.

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