Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sofia, Bulgaria

I am in Sofia today. It is quite an interesting city.
We are staying downtown. As we were walking around some last night I was able to see this statue of Sofia. There is one place in the city where you can literally see a Jewish Synagogue, a Mosque, an Orthodox church and a Roman Catholic church.

Today we have several meetings with people as we talk about doing business as mission. I am working with some International Mission Board workers here, some Greater Europe Mission workers and some local church leaders. I love collaboration. I think it is good when we can work together for the same purpose.

I learned an interesting culture tid-bit yesterday. I need to try it out today before I blog about it. Maybe tomorrow. ALSO - You know if you read my blogs that I love coffee. I have been quite impressed so far. The hotel where we are staying has possibly the best coffee for a hotel that I have tasted in a while. Of course for me that translates to be a strong cup of coffee.

More soon.

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