Wednesday, January 14, 2009

working in Europe

Last week I talked about a new initiative that the upstream collective has launched called the Skybridge Community. It is about people who intentionally come to Europe to live and work and be an incarnational witness here.

Just after I posted that article I had a conversation with a person at a Mosaic Alliance Conference that I attended near Basel Switzerland last weekend. As we were talking about what we did for a living I explained about my job and how we were involved in launching a network called Skybridge. She went on to tell me that she works for a company in Dusseldorf Germany that teaches English to business professionals. I asked her if they ever needed native speakers to teach and she said that they sometimes look for teachers. Teaching English is just one way to look for a job here. With the business language in Europe being English then the market for English teachers now is high. If you have an interest in this do a google search on English Teaching schools in Europe and check out the possibilities and requirements.

It is not an easy task at all but I ran across a pretty cool site the other day for people looking at working abroad. Check it out here .

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Gene said...

Hey Larry!

Do you think I could teach English to Europeans with my South Carolina accent?

I could teach them how to say "Yall" "fixin' to" "Go Gamecocks!" and thangs like that...