Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marsielle, France


I was able to spend a few days last week in Marsielle presenting a few sessions at a training event. I was also able to get a preview into the May 2009 Upstream Collective vision trip to that city. We will be touching down in two cities: Rome and Marsielle.

Marsielle is an awesome city and one that will be a fascinating place to explore with the pastors who are coming along on this journey.

Some fast facts:

The picture you see above is a beautiful cathedral called Notre Dame de la Garde and it overlooks the old port into Marsielle. The idea is that "Mary" overlooks the city and protects the ships as they come in and out of the harbor.

Notre Dame de la Garde also overlooks Chateau d'If famous from the book by Alexandre Dumas entitled: The Count of Monte Cristo.

  • It is the oldest city in France. Marsielle was settled in 600 BC by the Greeks.
  • It is the third largest urban area in France with nearly 1.5 million people.
  • Some demographic studies show that over 25 percent of the population are people from North Africa. For a great blog on ministry opportunities with these people groups check out this.
  • There are also said to be almost 80,000 Jews making it the third largest urban Jewish community in Europe.
As in many cities in Europe there are beautiful buildings and scenery but the spiritual needs are vast. In reading some bible commentaries this week on the book of Acts I read this quote. The late Noel O. Lyons, for many years director of the Greater Europe Mission, used to say, "Europe is looked over by millions of visitors and is overlooked by millions of Christians. Europe needs the Gospel today as it did in Paul's day.."

If you are interested in this vision trip please visit www.theupstreamcollective.org


Michel said...

Great post! I visited Marseilles in the late 80s. Beautiful city. Great confluence of cultures, beliefs, opportunities.

I love what you are doing in Europe. Very cool. I will read more...

Michel in Canada

Grady Bauer said...

Great post! I worked there some in the late 90's doing work with Muslims...great city!