Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

As the year comes to a close I have been reflecting about 2008. I wanted to say thanks to those of you who follow this blog.

I really have two passions and I hope they come across in these blogs or at least this is my intent.
I want to help new church plants and the emerging church engage in global missions (I think they have so much to offer) and I want to see the peoples of Europe come to faith in Jesus Christ. I hope this stuff can be of use to someone or some churches out here.

As I look back on this year it has been a wild ride. I mean this in a good sense. smile.
We have been able to see two dreams get off of the ground and we could not have done this without many of you. Your prayers, your support has helped the Upstream Collective and the Skybridge Community take off. SO THANKS!

We are so looking forward to 2009 and what God has in store for these new movements. Thanks for telling other people about them. We hope that God will use them in the years to come.

Happy New Year!


tto said...

Thanks for your work in 2008. You have helped me connect with some great people already and I look forward to actually meeting you during this next year. I hope 2009 is a wonderful one for you, your family and your ministry.

Trey, Croatia

Jason Hayes said...

Hey bro, hope you are well. I had a great conversation with Tep. Fascinating stuff. I'm excited about what you all are doing. I'd love to join you for a Jet Set Tour.

Larry said...

Jason we would love to have you come on a Jet Set Vision Trip. Check out the one we have coming up to Rome or Marseille in May 09 or London / Paris in the Spring of 2010. I will be in touch.

Larry said...

thanks for your kind words. We really want to help churches in the states connect to the field in a lot of creative ways. Thanks for being such a great advocate for us and I also look forward to actually meeting you in the coming months.