Saturday, September 27, 2008

House Church in Italy - Photo of the Week

I was trying not to bring up my recent trip to Lake Como Italy again but I just downloaded these pictures from our camera. I had to have a shot of this and of course my face is extra but it is free.

I have been studying house churches for some time and this has to be the prettiest house church in the world. I rarely take pictures of house churches but I could not resist. I discovered it in Bellagio, Italy. This overlooks Lake Como so the fellowship hall / gathering times out on the balcony have to be nice. The Media Center / Study area is out of this world.

But Seriously, this is a house and not a church but it could be a house church in the most literal of ways. I looked at it intently. It is a private residence but I am thinking it must be someone who wants to have a house church or a house that looks like a church. I consider ringing the bell but i could not tell when the services started. Maybe next time


Camel Rider said...

Beautiful that where parts of the recent Star Wars flicks were filmed?

You rich Europeans :-)

Larry McCrary said...

I was thinking that was in sunnty Sevilla. I do not know if this is the place or not. It is breath taking.

Someone has to be here:)