Monday, November 9, 2009

El Presente

This morning I was enjoying a nice run in the cold and in the rain. A average day in the Forest.
When I do not run with other guys I normally do the ipod thing and run with Spanish music.
Don't ask me why. It makes me run fast. Not really.

This morning I was listening to Julietta Venegas and her relatively new song El Presente.

I love the lyrics and one line grabs my attention.
It says: "El presente es lo unico que tengo" which translated by me means: "The present is all we have". As followers of Jesus we do have a future hope.

But I also know that I sometimes live my life in the past thinking back to the things I could have done, should have done or hyper evaluating my life or just simply get marred down in the past.

However, the greater tendency for me is to think about the future. What lies ahead? Where will I live? What will I do? Where will I go visit? What will our ministry be like next year? etc..

What I have found and was reminded of in a weird sort of way this morning on my run is that I need to do better at living in the present. I need to enjoy the moment. One of my huge take aways by living in Spain was that I think they do a great job of living in the present. Whatever they may be doing at the time is the most important thing. Most other things can wait.

But me, I am always thinking of what is next? My next appointment. My next phone call to make or tweet to write or facebook status update to post. I think the implications for me are significant. It enriches my marriage, my parenting and my friendships to live this way.

I also believe from a missional perspective that if I live my life in the present then I am more likely to be tuned in when the Holy Spirit leads and guides me to be in conversation with someone or to go to this place or do this thing instead of always thinking of the next big thing.
When I am always thinking ahead I rarely leave enough margins in my life to have a divine appointment. But that is another post in the future. smile.

More soon.


Grady Bauer said...

Good reminder. I'm very much one who lives in the future...and "what can be". My struggle is that I struggle to enjoy the moment and be content with "what is."

almost an M said...

A Hispanic influence is very helpful to learn to live in the moment. It's not THE way, but a VERY helpful way. Maybe you should consider a week at a beach somewhere in Latin America. What do you think? Maybe I could meet you there :) How about a conference on the topic at a resort with no planned speakers or sessions. Now we just need to look forward as we plan ahead to schedule and prepare.... It's just so difficult to do.

almost an M said...

One question on the topic: Is it better to take a picture or take in the scenery?

Larry said...

I am going with taking in the scenery. My wife likes the beach idea.
So lets plan ahead and make this happen.