Wednesday, July 16, 2008

college road trip

I watched a silly movie on the plane over from europe the other day. It was called Road Trip and it was about an over protected father who takes his daughter on a road trip to visit a potential school.

Right now Iam living that movie. My wife and I are taking our "little girl" our "first born" to look at potential colleges. I cannot believe she is that old and what that naturally makes us. OLD.
She will be a senior this year at an international school in Germany. She has her ideas about colleges and what she wants. We have ours. smile

We are so fortunate on the first visit to spend some time with her aunt who works at Samford University in Birmingham. She was like a parent guidance counselor for us. We learned a lot.

I am still trying to figure out what questions i need to ask. Let me know if you have a question you wish you asked when you were looking at schools. I do know a major one. How much does it cost? Then i hear you add about 10 percent to it.

We are now in Nashville taking a look at Belmont.

Next week she will go to her number one choice ... for now, NYU in New York City.

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